My name is Sandra and I read tarot cards - the cards whisper to me and this is how I know what they are saying. All my life I have been travelling quite a bit (I have a kind of a gypsy spirit). On my own with my back pack into any country where the climate is tropical. I have always had the feeling that I was guided during my travels. We may appear to be alone at times but we are always being guided and supported.


Back from my travels I did temporary jobs as a secretary or personal assistant. And during the Corona crisis I was forced to work from home and to give myself a challenge I started learning how to read the tarot cards.

In order to practice and get some experience I advertised that I would do the readings for free, so I could learn. Night after night I was doing readings via Skype to anyone who was interested and I was able to pass on messages from my spirit guide. This is where the foundation, for what I do today, was laid.

My readings are meant to get insight and my spirit guide is always present during the reading.

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